Nine To Ninety is the love story of Phyllis and Joe Sabatini, who at age 89 and 90 live in the home of their daughter and son-in-law, where they relish time with their young granddaughter Jacqueline.  But as the family struggles to make ends meet and the grandparents’ health problems escalate, Phyllis becomes determined to free her daughter from the burden of caring for everyone from nine to ninety. When Phyllis makes a difficult decision to move 3,000 miles away to live with their other daughter, she faces parting from Joe, her husband of 62 years. While Joe has become resigned to his ailments, Phyllis yearns to live with agency and independence even with limited resources, and the couple’s surprising choices ignite bigger conversations about how to age with dignity.


              Directed by Alicia Dwyer   Produced by Juli Vizza                     Co-Produced / Cinematography by Michael Dwyer                        NINE TO NINETY IS A CO-PRODUCTION OF                                                 NINE TO NINETY, LLC                                         AND THE INDEPENDENT TELEVISION SERVICE (ITVS)         WITH FUNDING PROVIDED BY THE CORPORATION FOR                              PUBLIC BROADCASTING (CBP)                                               A VERACITY PRODUCTIONS PICTURE                        Running Time:  29 minutes


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